What Is A Ghost?

There has been a lot of debate about what a ghost truly is. Research and investigation over the years has led to these findings.

Intelligent Haunting (Ghost)

The first type of ghost is referred to as `An intelligent haunting` and is the live spirit that is visiting from the heavenly realm, or a trapped soul of a deceased person. A person has an upper soul, a lower soul, and a spirit. The soul is a deceased person that has remained on the earthly plane rather than go into the light towards the heavenly realms. It has been suggested that this soul stayed behind out of fear of being punished for his or her wrong doings in life, or they chose to stay here to watch over loved ones or guide them to something they have left behind like money, valuables, etc.

A haunting can be the entire upper soul, which is an actual live entity that interacts with you, an entire lower soul that interacts with you, or fragments of a soul that isn`t necessarily live, but more of an artifact of the original soul that has remained. These fragments may possibly explain why sometimes EVP`s (electronic voice phenomena) produces only a few words as opposed to complete relevant sentences. This could also explain why we sometimes only capture flashes of light, energy, or orbs, instead of a whole apparition.

Spirit = Our higher self, our essence on the spiritual level, our God self, our connection with the creator and collective unconscious, our super conscious mind. Although the spirit can visit the earthly realm at anytime, it does not remain trapped here, and it always goes onto the heavenly realms.

Upper Soul = Our divine self, immortal soul, evolving soul, seat of intellect and higher emotions, center of intuition and Christ consciousness, subconscious mind. The upper soul can sometimes stay behind on the earthly realm either entirely, or in fragments.

Lower Soul = Our shadow self, animal self, mortal soul, seat of impulses, urges, and emotions, hidden creativity. This is the soul that is usually left behind and becomes trapped on the earthly realm either in fragments or entirely.

Your spirit goes on to the heavenly realm and can visit the earthly realm at any time. While the soul can become trapped. Even though your spirit has moved on, your soul can still be trapped here on earth.

These types of ghosts are live and interact with us. They watch you, hear you, and often will try to communicate with you. When a person dies they will see a white light to direct them towards the heavenly realm, but that light will dissipate after about 4 to 6 days. Once that light is gone the soul becomes trapped on the earthly plane and will require the assistance of someone here on earth known as a `Lightworker` to re-establish the white light and guide them into the heavenly realm.

Spirits can sometimes be confused with ghosts, but they are not one in the same. The difference between the two is; a ghost is an earthbound trapped soul, and spirits have passed into the light towards the heavenly realm and have the ability to travel between both realms.

Residual Haunting
This type of ghost is not an actual live spirit as stated above, but more of an accumulation of energy they left behind that leaves an energy imprint in a location. This type of ghost is not alive and cannot hear or see you. Picture it like a movie clip that repeats over and over.
Picture if you put a block of ice in an ice chest and later removed the ice. The inside of the ice chest is still cold even though the ice is gone. Same thing with residual hauntings.
This type of energy can be cleansed from a location by removing the stale energy of a location. Another duty performed by Lightworkers.

The word poltergeist is a German word when translated is `A noisy spirit`. This type of activity includes bumping on walls, slamming doors, etc.
But research over the past few decades suggests that a poltergeist isn`t an actual ghost, but more of an energy given off by live people at a location. This is common with adolescent teens and people that have been traumatized. These people give off their psycho-kinetic energy from their bodies that causes bumping, knocking on walls, doors slamming, etc.
Experiments have been conducted that show when removing the person in question, the activity at that location stops. The best approach is to get psychological help for that individual.

Demons And Dark Forces
Another type of haunting is demonic forces. Although there is no solid evidence to support the existence of a Satan or Hell, there are demonic forces that are not of human origin and they have existed since the very beginning of time. The demons will attach themselves to not just locations, but to people as well causing illness, addictions, and over time self mutilation, homicide, and suicide.
These forces can be removed as well by a Lightworker.

Most ghosts are harmless & won`t hurt you, but there are a few that are just as misguided in the spirit world as they were on earth. Although it is rare, there have been many reports over the years of “evil” spirits with malevolent intent. Just because a person has died, does not necessarily mean that they have changed from their malicious ways when they were on earth.

Shadow People
There are a few different theories as to what a shadow person is. Some believe they are malevolent or demonic. Some believe they are extra terrestrial. In many cases shadow people seem to inhabit places where torture, violence, or some sort of abuse or violence occurred. I have done a lot of research to try and find a suitable answer, but so far the best explanation I can offer is that shadow people are just your average intelligent haunting ghost that (whether intentional or not) prefers to lurk in the (pardon the pun) shadows. A shadow person is trying not to be seen.

With modern technology, there are many useful tools that can be used to detect these spirits. Sometimes a spirit can appear as a full or partial body apparition, but it requires a lot of their energy to do so. So often they will appear as a mist, orb, or streak of light, or in the image of a shadow. An orb is a round ball of light that is usually white, but have been known to appear in other colors. They can cause cold spots in their locations, where the temperature drops dramatically & besides feeling the cold, it can be measured with a thermal detector.
Spirits can often be detected with an EMF detector, which measures electromagnetic fields & is often associated with a spirit energy. A camera & tape recorder also come in very handy. There are several different waves that are not visible to the naked eye, microwaves is a perfect example. It`s there, but you cannot see it with your eyes. Cameras are always picking up these waves & images, because they do not filter these images & are often able to capture anamolies that are beyond the scope of the human eye.

There can be logical explanations for some orbs, dust on the lens is one of them. And defective film can also be the cause of some anamolies, but with the newer digital cameras still picking up these images, that pretty much dispells the faulty film theory. Sometimes it is a film or processing error, but many times it is not. Ghosts have also been picked up with video cameras. There are many videos out there of actual ghosts in action, which also discredits the old defective film or processing theory. Animals have also been known to see many energies that humans usually can`t.

Spirits have also been known to actually speak & that is where a tape recorder comes in very handy. On rare occassions spirits have been heard with human ears, but just like the camera, tape recorders will often pick up sounds that the human ears cannot. Picture it like a television set, There`s VHF & UHF. If you have an old T.V. (very old) that can get VHF only, then UHF is there but it`s out of your receiving ability. Just like a radio or T.V., we see & hear things within a certain frequency range. There are other signals, sounds, & sights out there, but they are out of range of what we humans can receive.

In some cases ghosts have the ability to tamper with your equipment. There have been many cases where ghost hunter`s flashlights, cameras, & other equipment will stop working simultaneously with no logical explanation. This occurs because, as said before, in order for a ghost to appear, it requires a lot of energy. Ghosts will absorb energy within the atmosphere to generate their ability to appear. They draw kinetic, electromagnetic, AC/DC, etc. Usually when your camera or tape recorder goes dead all of a sudden, it`s because the ghost is actually drawing that energy from your device in order to form an apparition.