Using Runes in Magic

There are many things that can be used in magic, but some of the things that you may not think about are using your runes. These can be the easiest and most fun to use. All you need is to know how to do it.

The Runes

There are a lot of runes to pick from and these have many different meanings that they can represent. These can also be useful when you are trying to accomplish a certain end. A quick look at the different runes shows us some that are for possessions as well as for protection and strength. Depending on what you need your spell to do, you can pick one or more of these runes to add to your magical rituals and spells.

How To Use The Runes

Some really easy ways to use runes in your magic is to carve the symbols into any of the candles that you might be using. This adds power to the candle that has the symbol in it and will make your spell stronger than you might have thought it to be.

Another idea is to add the rune symbol to your bills for help in paying them or décor in your home if you wish to add protection to your home and property. By drawing or carving the symbols into things, it really can add what you need to your spells and rites. Also, you can visualize the rune that you need for what you want. This can be very powerful.

You can also create your own runes if you wish out of clay or other natural materials. Wood from trees makes good runes for magic or for divination if you want to use them in that way. Making runes can be a very personal thing and can making them more connected to you and your magic. It can also make you feel good, because you created the runes that you are going to be using in your magic.

Runes are great to add power to your spells no matter how you decide to use them. You can create a huge amount of power from just simply drawing your rune on a piece of paper or though an actual rune being added to the spell that you are working on. Take your time and find the right rune so that you are finding the right intent. The last thing that you want is to infuse your spell with something that is not going to work for you and your purpose.