The Mysterious Tropical Jungles of Sniper: Ghost Warrior

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The mysterious tropical jungles of Sniper: Ghost Warrior have a strong pull on gamers interested in first person shooters, especially with it’s sole focus being on the realistic sniper rifle.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is great for casual gamers or people who may be new to gaming in general or first person shooters in particular. For more advanced gamers, it’s a little too easy, holding your hand along the way, giving step by step instructions to factor in trajectory, distance, wind, rain and fog while aiming and pulling the trigger to potentially save a lot of lives. It tells you if you “aim here” you’ll hit it at 100%. You can even manage how your breathing affects your shot. Unfortunately, for some, this may lead to the dissolve of realism and possible strategy for the game.

One nice thing about this FPS is that even though its focus is on four different types of sniper rifles, you still have a character that is trained with rifles, pistols, knives, and other combat making it somewhat more of a typical first person shooter. It’s great to have the options just to switch it up once in awhile. If you want to stick just to the sniper rifle, you can, but it’s always good to have other options so the game doesn’t get stale.

The overall look of the game itself is incredible. The tropical jungles are full of life-like vibrant colors and lush foliage. At times, things may seem too shiny, but when you see a dead body fall down, it pulls you right back into the reality of the game. Not to mention, the bullet cam is always interesting and doesn’t get old which helps distract from the plastic looking people that seem nearly lifeless.

The thing about the game that irked me most wasn’t the sketchy voice-over acting or the sometimes troublesome graphics, but rather the grammatical errors throughout the dialogue. You would think something like that would have been fixed and edited somewhere along the process before putting it on the shelves, but it wasn’t.

On the whole, Sniper: Ghost Warrior didn’t live up to expectation and what it claimed to offer. For the jungle graphics alone, it might be worth the buy to check it out, but don’t expect it to be challenging; instead, expect a pretty good looking game that will hold your hand as it takes you on a journey through tropical jungles, having you crawl on your belly through the brush.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is available now for the Xbox 360 and PC at prices ranging from $34.99 pre-owned and $39.99 new.