The Moon Conspiracy Debunked

There are hundreds of crazy conspiracies regarding the Apollo moon landings, today we are going to concentrate on several of the main ones, the crazy myths that keep reoccurring on the Internet. First lets take a brief look at some of these wacky theories and see what they entail.

Those that believe in a moon landing conspiracy claim that the 6 manned landings were completely faked, like in the recently released fictional thriller conspiracy book  The Great Heist.

Most Moon landing conspiracies go like this though. Not one of the Apollo astronauts walked on the surface of the Moon, and NASA along with others knowingly lied to us Americans, simply staging the Apollo mission making us believe the landings happened.

This was achieved by manufacturing, tampering and destroying evidence such as, photographs, audio recordings, NASA transmissions and rock samples. I know this seems far fetched to us sane folk out there, but could there be any truth to this Moon hoax conspiracy? or is this full moon conspiracist kook fiction?

The Moon Landings Were a Hoax – Conspiracy Debunked

The first silly little conspiracy theory with regards to the moon landings we will debunk,

Moon Conspiracy Fiction No1. – Where Are The STARS then?

This isn’t the moon, their are NO STARS IN VIEW from the surface of the moon in the photographs taken by the Apollo astronauts.


“The reason for this is very simple indeed”, says photo and lighting specialist Suimi Katachi, “The Apollo landings took place during lunar mornings, when the Sun is shining very bright, the stars are simply not bright enough in these lighting conditions to be captured in the photo’s”. That’s all their is to it folks, conspiracy number 1 debunked.

Moon Conspiracy Fiction Number 2. – So is there’s Wind blowing on the Moon?

“When the astronauts land on the surface of the moon and are putting up the American flag, it appears to wave in the wind. But there is NO wind on the Moon, it’s a fraud”.


The American flag is held up by a very lightweight horizontal bar, the bar simply moves as the pole is being fixed into position by the astronauts.

The flagpole is light and made out of aluminium, it is this fact that conspiracy theorists leave out when talking about the flags movement, the flagpole simply continues to vibrate after the astronauts let go of it, this gives the impression of the flag blowing in the wind on the moons surface. Easy really.

Moon Conspiracy Fiction Number 3. – FAKE Moon Rocks

Haven’t we seen these rocks before BUZZ, the Rocks you brought back from the Moon are identical to rocks collected by scientific expeditions to Antarctica.


You may have seen some of these moon rocks before, because they have been found on Earth before, but the major differences between the moon rocks bought back and the ones already found here is, the moon rocks already found on earth are all scorched and oxidised from their entry into our atmosphere. Geologists have confirmed this fact with complete certainty, proving beyond doubt the Apollo rocks tested must have been brought back from the Astronauts.

Moon Conspiracy Fiction Number 4. – The Deadly Van Allen Belt

There is no possible way the astronauts could have survived the trip, the exposure to radiation from the Van Allen belt would have fried all of the astronauts in a nanosecond.


Wrong again fools, this kook conspiracy is based on a crazy claim from a drunken Russian cosmonaut. Their is NO scientific fact at all to back up this frauds claim either, in fact, the short time it takes to pass through the Van Allen belt, combined with the excellent protection from the spacecraft itself, means any exposure to radiation would be very low indeed, no problem at all for the astronauts.

Moon Conspiracy Fiction Number 5. – No Flames When The Landing Module Takes Off

When taking off from the surface of the Moon, the landing module has no visible flame coming from the rocket, this proves the Moon landings were staged, In fact you can almost see the wires that the landing module is attached to, I’m not fooling for this smoke and mirrors coverup.


This is absolutely crazy, this just proves how stupid you conspiracy theorists are, you simply don’t do your homework, do you, like sheep you just flock to the first shepherd that sounds like he knows what he’s talking about.

FACT. The rockets that power the landing module are run with fuel that contains a combination of hydrazine and dinitrogen tetroxide, anyone who knows chemistry knows that hydrazine and dinitrogen tetroxide in combination will burn with NO VISIBLE FLAME, maybe that’s why theirs no flame visible in the Apollo 17 landing module take off, see the video below.