The Crop Circle Debunked

Crop circles have become the subject of many crazy conspiracies, from the Gaia minded, to empty headed UFO investigators. These conspiracies vary from Bizarre Weather phenomena,  New Age Cults, or complex messages from our extraterrestrial friends. So from Gaia to greyer you could say, ah genius at work.

Welcome to: The Crop Circle Conspiracy Debunked.

You may not be a surprise to know that most crop circles are found near old and ancient sites, like at Stonehenge a prehistoric monument in sunny England. But what bothers us all at “Conspiracy Debunked,” is that many of these freak believers in paranormal garbage happen to be New Age folk. These fools have even been known to incorporate the crop circle into there belief system, you couldn’t make this up.

Being a man of science, this New Age crop of @hit makes me really pissed.

For those who don’t quite understand what were talking about, we present to you the following mind numbing number, “The Crop Circle Song” by Greg Brown ……  Take him it away Greg.


Let hug the World, now that’s GAIA

Here’s what these New Age numbskull’s believe, we will fully understand if you don’t get the “Gaia Hypothesis.”

“Gaia,” meaning the earth, is actually a belief that crop circles are messages or responses to stimuli, such as global warming and human pollution, following so far? good. It asserts that the earth may be modeled as if a single super-organism, in that earthly components for example the climate, temperature and the sun, influence each other and are organized to function and develop as a whole…… I told ya we couldn’t make it up, so thanks Wikipedia.

Here’s a very professional video that i’m certain fans of conspiracy debunked will enjoy, it’s a message from a practicing GAIA person. I promise to move on to the debunking of crop circles soon, but it’s important to understand the folk who believe in such madness. Many thanks to the GAIA pianist in this, not sure if it’s Liberace or Richard Clayderman.

So I hope by watching the above video you have an understanding of what it’s like to be Gaia. Moving speedily onto crop circles now, and by the way……

Where’s The EVIDENCE?

Of course, the main problem with New Age psychosis is that there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE. No evidence of any non-human UFO created crop circles at all, that is apart from the tripped out eyewitness testimonies of a handful of New Age hippies. Therefore, don’t you think there’s a distinct absence of evidence here?

We have interviewed several of the hippy hindering pranksters responsible for these circles, the feeling we get from the crop circle creators are that they are just having fun, a big joke at the expensive of you New Age ninnies if you like.

How many times do we need to see a soft hippy New Ager make a complete imbercill of himself on live TV, saying, “We declare this crop circle to be the real thing.” Of course, within seconds of this stupidity, and like a Candid Camera joke they get confronted by the people who created the fraud in the first place. I mean come on, wake up eh.

In the Carl Sagan book “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark,” Carl discusses alien based theories of crop circle formation. Sagan concludes that there is NO empirical evidence to link UFO’s with crop circles.

Scientific American published an article by Matt Ridley, Matt was responsible for making most of the crop circles in the north of England back in the 90′s. He wrote about how easy it is to develop techniques using simple tools that can easily fool observers. He reported on “expert” sources such as the Wall Street Journal, who previously had been easily fooled. Matt mused about why people want to believe supernatural explanations for phenomena that are not yet explained.

Methods of creating crop circles are now well documented everywhere on the Internet, isn’t it about time that you paranormal paranoids and new age crop creeps grew up……

Now you too can be cream of the CROP circle. Til next time folks.

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