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We Are Not Alone In The Universe…

A shadow hangs over our world. Most people can’t see it, indeed most people are unaware of its existence or even the possibility of its existence, which is exactly what its planners have intended. We have reached a point in our history as a nation where the servants of the people, both elected and unelected, are keeping a secret of vital importance to all of humanity. It fact, this state-held secret contains information of such magnitude as to affect all traditional human institutions, which some speculate, its one of the reasons for its being kept from us now for over 60 years.

Yet today a preponderance of collaborative data collected from military sources, as well as the personal experiences of thousands of private citizens, is reaching critical mass and is thus counter balancing the historic perception by government to continue guarding this story. I hope to show in this report –website – that the secret so rigorously, and at times dangerously, guarded will be revealed in the years 2020 and 2021.

However, the nature of the secret itself is only a part of the critical information that is now coming to hand. I will identify for the first time the people who are most responsible for the creation of these cryptic protocols with their incalculable “black budgets” whose profoundly clandestine operations are being funded by a naive yet allegedly open society. I present herein names, dates, and the agenda that has driven this global cover-up.

The main reason this information is available is because of the singular bravery of a dedicated and patriotic 46 year old scientist who has quite literally given over his life to first equip himself for arduous scientific study, to teach himself a profound understanding of microscopy, and the living cellular world to better understand the fundamental truths of life in the tiny universe that swarms beneath our normal perception, and second, to then dedicate his expertise to the extraordinary programs of the secret government with its limitless budget for exotic research. His name is Dr. Dan Burisch/Crain microbiologist extraordinaire.

His study and gifted insight have led him and his colleagues, most of whom are now dead, to reach some astounding conclusions as to who we are as a planetoid race, why we are here on this particular planet, and how we got into our currently political fostered bureaucratic mess. Yet too, and more important, he offers us the way we can get out from under this terrible cloak of “national security” for which our military and intelligence interests have been responsible—indeed, for which at least some branches were specifically created in the first place.

There, in fact, have been certain individuals within the secret cabal of government agencies who have recognized the public’s right to know at least some of what is being held back and have tried from time to time to leak enough of this information to prepare the people for the inevitable avalanche of disturbing revelations that is likely to overwhelm many of our institutions, world wide, and which will definitely cause global paradigm shifts in human perception once it is known. They recognize not only the right of the world’s population to know the truth, but also, that the longer people are kept in the dark about it, the more potential harm to our cultural infrastructure may result when the secrets can no longer be contained. In one way or another, these individuals have been silenced.

Yet there are many others who fear the consequences of the release of this information for the same reason above, and who persist in offering enormous volumes of disinformation and denial that “black operations” policy makers have deemed to be the protocol for keeping the populations from knowing the truth . They fear the public’s reaction not only to the magnitude of the implications of this truth, but also to the mass resentment that will accompany the realization that we have been lied to and that our hard won knowledge has been ridiculed for so long. After all, there is a real danger that this knowledge may deal a divesting blow to certain religious and social power centers in our culture , not to mention the risk to the government’s own credibility.

I hope to lay out, in as convincing a manner as I am able, the information that has been passed to me in the hope of making a significant contribution to the growing effort on the part of others who have gone before to get the truth out to a deserving humanity; whose leaders internecine fears over “national security” issues no longer rightly justifies their massive disinformation program.

I want passionately what I have learned to become public knowledge. So much of the media, film makers, print, and the internet, provide us with a certain progress toward inevitable disclosure, yet they are missing the Rosetta Stone that will teach us how to interpret what we do know.

I understand that this will sound alarmist and smell of sensationalism, but I can tell you that the next five years are pivotal to our survival as anything we today would call a recognizable species. This information comes from those who have studied and lived this topic for many years.

Someone has to open the door to knowledge of such importance. Even if you’re one of the diminishing number who trusts the government to manage your destiny, every effort, even one which may seem minor, must be made to shine some light into the dark chambers of the “Black Operations ” world. It is my hope that other investigators, and any courageous insiders, who are able, will add to the volume of our discoveries in a cohesive and understandable manner.

I encourage those who read this report and visit this site, to think about it, to explore further on their own, to keep inquiring and to bring whatever corroborative information they may have to the national dialogue. Even a brief personal experience which might seem insignificant, or a half-forgotten passages, in book, or some errant second-hand report may serve to fill a gap, or answer another’s question. It might illuminate some dark corner of the issue for someone else. It just may be the quintessential fragment of missing fact that completes the puzzle. (Please visit this site often for important updates)

Unfortunately, none of us can yet prove that what we’ve learned is gospel. Some of us who have spent time studying the problem and long hours interviewing certain people have developed fairly effective instinctive truth screens. I have spent many hours behind the camera as a chronicler of events while interviewing testimony on this subject; and what I have seen and recorded has by turns raised my hackles, broken my heart, and expanded my mind in ways that are a challenge to express. I am convinced of the alarming and fascinating truths in this internet report and that even a study of their implication alone is significant enough to justify all the time and resources it has cost to bring them to you.

I present here what I have learned largely through the narrow, yet focused camera lens. I hope others will come forward who have access to wider fields of vision. My data is now on the table. You can take it from there.

We Are Not Alone In The Universe!…