Pink Lady Of Greencastle

Author`s note;

I have been contacted by two different people claiming that they are descendants of Irene O`Hare, which is believed to be the ghost we`re seeing in this story. Both of them claimed that the spelling of her name is incorrect and it is spelled “O`Hair”. I replied to both parties and asked for more clarification and permission to interview them. Neither party responded to my requests. Therefore I cannot take them seriously. For the record, I will spell the name as O`Haire in this article.
I also had contact with Guy Winters, one of the investigators in this story and got the real facts straight from him as to how this story went down. The only thing I am completely unsure about is the actual date this ocurred, but I believe it took place in the late 90s either before or after the turn of the century.

Here are the photos

Be sure to watch the videos at the bottom of the page. The first video is the story that aired on The Bravo Network`s `Real Ghost Stories`. The second video aired on The Biography Channel. These videos show the real story.

Submitted by Aaron, who is personal friends with the two people that captured this amazing evidence, Guy & Terry.

Here is what I am able to remember about this story.

Guy Winters unveiled these pictures to me one night after work in my GNC store. He had been telling me about he and his childhood friend Terry, and couple of other friends and their wives which traveled to different counties in Indiana and visited cemeteries, houses and other buildings and places that were allegedly haunted. Over a period of a few years they had gathered hundreds of photographs of ghost images in the cemeteries, homes, funeral homes etc…some of the pictures were just orbs of light floating in the air or over peoples shoulders or heads. Some of the photos that Guy showed me were distinct images of horse drawn hearses driving in the cemetery. Other pictures were of children descending down stair cases or standing by the casket of a departed grandad. One photo in the particular was a blue light creating a symbol over a tombstone in a local cemetery which later became the symbol for The Ghost Hunters of Indiana.And, all the while Guy and Terry were traveling collecting the photos and data, friends in their home town of Rockville, Indiana and Brazil, Indiana were coming to them asking them to investigate the haunted mansion in Greencastle, Indiana. But, Guy and Terry were just not interested. They both worked full time jobs, played and recorded music in their private studio and went ghost hunting in what spare time they had.

One Spring day, a friend of theirs came busting into their recording studio shaken and pleading with them to go to the old O’Haire mansion, claiming to have been there the night before with a date; and, was ran off by some kind of ghostly entity. And, also claimed that neither he or his girl friend were able to sleep the remainder of that night because of their unpleasant experience. After much time pleading with Guy and Terry….Guy and Terry agreed to take their team over to the mansion and hunt for the alleged ghost that was haunting the lovers when they used the O’haire property for sexual, playful parking. But, when Guy and Terry ask their friend to go with them, he refused and said he would not go back over there again.So, Guy and Terry found the time, got the permission from the owner and went to the O’Haire mansion and began their search for the alleged ghost.

The O’Haire mansion sat back off of a secondary road quite a distance. And, was off of state highway 231 about a mile in Putnam county Indiana. The mansion was surrounded by a large grove of trees and could only be approached by the long gated lane that led back to the front of the four story brick mansion. The mansion was built in the early 1800’s and was now abandoned. The property was completely over grown and made getting back to the Southern style mansion difficult. The old mansion is exactly what you would picture in your mind with its Columns and enormous front porch shading the front entrance as the tall trees surrounded the mansion shading it into a kind of early darkness even in broad day light.. But, Guy, Terry and the other members of the team began taking pictures with a simple flash camera as they always did and using their VHS video cam to film the inside and exterior of the house.Because of the size of the mansion and difficulty getting to it, the team had to make several trips in daylight and at night to the mansion after work.

And, it was on one of their night visits that they begin to have paranormal activity…their buddies with the video cam begin to pick up images moving in the air and on the ground around the outside of the mansion…and especially near the doors and windows. So, Guy and Terry decided to go back to the mansion in the day light with more film for the flash cameras. And, they did. Both took many exterior shots of the outside of the mansion which included the doors and windows. But it wasn’t until the following day when they picked up the developed film that they saw the pictures with the ghostly images. They were shocked, and wondered why they could not see the ghost in the view finder when they were taking the pictures.Guy and Terry, along with the other two buddies that video taped the mansion, decided to make another night visit to the mansion and film the interior. When they arrived at the mansion at night they decided to film every room. They began down stairs filming, but neither Guy nor Terry, the two sensitives, could feel or sense anything down stairs. So, they decided to go up stairs and film the rooms up there. As they walked up the front staircase Guy, Terry and the others could feel, and sense, the energy that was in the upper part of the mansion.

In one of the upstairs bedrooms was a writing on the wall…of which concerned a lover of Irene O’Haire…evidently, it was her bedroom as a teenage girl and she had written this poem like saying about her boyfriend. But, as they left her bedroom the crew saw a golden kind of light coming from one of the other bedrooms so they took the video cam to that room. Also there came a smell of roses as they went down the hallway toward the glowing golden light. And also, there was an overpowering sensation that was sickening to their stomachs. All of the crew experienced the smell and the sickening feeling increased causing them to stop…they could not enter the room. So, Guy and Terry had to grab the camera man, steady him and forge ahead through the doorway and onto the next bedroom. As they were filming this strange golden, now pinkish light, the light moved toward them and around them and left the room. Also, as I understand it the smell and the sick feeling remained and was still somewhat overpowering. Guy, Terry and the crew went through the rest of the upstairs but could not find the entity…but the tell tale smell of roses was still there.

As they walked back down the staircase and were getting ready to leave the mansion, they saw the now more pink than golden light between them and the exit door. The crew began to run past it but for some reason it zeroed in on my friend Guy Winters. By now the two men with the video camera were outside and Guy was right behind them. As Guy emerged from the mansion the entity over took him and entered his body. Guy tried to run but fell down calling to the others. Terry and the crew turned to see him falling down and came back to try and assist him. Guy said he could not move, he felt awful and could also feel the entity inside him. And, yes, they were video taping this as it was happening. Terry and the crew could not get close enough to Guy to help him and as I understand… the light energy from the entity was causing him to glow, and the pinkish golden light was shining out of his eyes. After several minutes the entity left him. Terry and the crew were able to help him up and help him get back to their van. It was a frightening night for all.

Later they did return to the mansion. Guy talked to the owner about preserving the mansion for its historic value and its paranormal value. Guy also talked to the Historical Preservation society but to no avail as to restoring the O’Haire mansion. Eventually the owner did have it torn down…and now the site where the mansion stood is a cornfield.Also, Guy did go to the Putnam county courthouse and inquired about Irene O’Haire and found that she and her sister had lived in the mansion in their latter years of life. He also found a living relative of hers and a picture of her also. Not much else is known about her and the family other than general information.

Because the Ghost Hunters of Indiana was being formed about that same time…the incident and pictures of the mansion and the entity became a big story among the group. One of the local TV stations heard about it and did a feature story on the ghost and the pictures. And, of course at the station there were those that thought the pictures were double exposed and or faked. But, after the station took the negatives and examined them, they found them authentic. So, the station took the pictures and was going to make negatives from them to debunk the photos and the ghost story….when the local TV station made negatives from the pictures the results were a picture of a skull and cross bones.

It wasn’t long until the story went from the TV station to ABC which was running their show about the paranormal….they took the photos and assisted in UN-layering them with computer software revealing the energy signature. Light wave length studies were also conducted on the pictures and found to be at a frequency beyond the usual frequencies of normal lighting and imagery for normal emulsion film exposure. So, ABC ran a portion of the story on their show about the paranormal.
Even though the mansion is gone…ABC no longer has their show, and most of the people in and around Greencastle have forgotten the Irene O’Haire ghost story. Guy and Terry still have the original photos and video footage that they took. Since their experience at the O’Haire mansion and another similar story, too long to unfold in this letter, Both have stopped ghost hunting. Guy has went on to use his paranormal abilities to help and assist the local sheriff department in Parke county Indiana and other agencies. He also helps individuals that he thinks he can help. Terry is a meat cutter at a local grocery chain. The two friends that helped with the video recordings have stopped ghost hunting…and work their every day jobs rearing their children.
I am starting to get tired so I had better stop writing for now…but, I have done the best job I can relaying this story to you as it was told to me.


Although the mansion was torn down, the basement & the ring of trees that surrounded it still exist. It is believed that the owner had the building demolished it to detour the teenagers & “ghost hunters” from flocking there. It wouldn`t make a lot of sense to demolish a piece of history like that for just a cornfield anyway.