Mysterious House

Mysterious darkness fell upon my body, there were shadows in the moonlight. It was raining heavily. There was darkness everywhere, I couldn’t see a thing. Waves crashing the rocks wrathfully. Ducks quacking nearby in icy water, their voices fading every minute. Suddenly my eyes fell upon a shabby, tattered, untidy house (more like a cottage). I walked curiously wondering what a house is doing in the middle of nowhere. I walked closer and closer to it; I saw an owl on top of the house, howling as to warn me of something unpleasant. Paying no attention to it, I continued my uncertain walk towards the house which could mean my only survival.

I reached the door which was muddled with dust, it had a steel handle which was rusted and opened it. Horror struck as I saw cobwebs all around the place, the windows were patched with paper, its roof was dilapidated and its discolored walls showed years of neglect. Goosebumps ran along my body. As I marched across the living room, there were scraped paintings hanged on the wall, they said very little but it looked like the house belonged to an old man with six children.

Deadly, red spiders were crawling all over the place, they stared at me as an uninvited guest. Backing away from the, I ran upstairs. The upper part of the house was dissimilar from the lower; the windows were tightly closed and curtained. I advanced to open the window in suffocation, a rush of chill air went into me. I stared at the sky, it was a full moon, stars blinking at me. All of a sudden, I felt as if someone was having a direct contact with me. I struggled with myself as to get rid of that thing, but in the end I realized that it was just a drenched leaf that had come from the nearby trees.