Missing Hiker Encounters Transparent Humanoid’s in Joshua Tree National Park

A resident of the United States, Bill Melder, a hiker who survived five days in Joshua National park and experienced Transparent Humanoids.

It all started in the last week of December 2012, when Bill and Mom were relaxing after work, spending time while watching TV. Suddenly, he felt someone or something been tagging in her hallway. Incredulity, when he turned around to see what it is all about, he noticed 2 shadowy figures on the wall. Bill and his mom in shock saw each other in their eyes by not believing whats going on. In the spark of the moment, his mother asks him, if he noticed them too. She says to him not to acknowledge them since their entity will sense fear. Even after warning, he turns back to see but he finds nothing, they were gone.

After a few days, a glimpse of someone passing away from family is seen by Bill’s mom. She felt dreadful and told him that someone in our family is going to die before the New Year’s Eve.

Like every year, we celebrated the New Year’s Eve at home. Since I am mummy’s boy, I loved this time that we spent with each other. I never felt alone and a sense to go and have some drinks with my friends. So, we sat comfortably in our living room and watched our favorite movie Tron, enjoying our pizza that I ordered. As time passed by, around 11 P.M, we noticed the same shadowy figures on the wall, this time we tried our best to ignore the situation. After some time, the shadows went away. As I took a step to speak to mom about the situation, she once again asked me to not acknowledge. His mother started telling how much she loves him and how much he meant to her and encouraged to do great things in his life. After a moment, his mother started walking into the kitchen, turned around, and said that she loves him a lot. At the simultaneous sight, she collapsed to the ground. I took my phone, dialed 911, and starting giving CPR for about 20 minutes until the medical emergency arrived. The EMT arrived at 11:38 P.M., they rushed my mother to the emergency room. I was desperate to see my mom, my neighbor and friend Bonnie rushed over me to my home and drove me to the hospital.

As I reached the hospital, the hospital staff directed me to a small private room, they passed the sad news about my mother’s death. Doctors confronted me and told me that my mom suffered a fatal heart attack, and exactly at 11:59 P.M. on December 31st, 2012, my mom died. I went close to my mom for one last time, saw her lips which turned completely blue and she was cool when I touched her hands. I hugged her in no time weeping that she is still my mom, I cried for 30 minutes. My friend Bonnie gave me support all way. I didn’t lose hope in life, as my mother wanted me to stay strong.

After 6 months after his mother’s death, Bill quit his job and become a recluse. He left the home only when he needed to purchase groceries, as he kept on thinking about the incident, he understood he was depressed and ended up travelling to the Joshua National Park.

Joshua Tree National Park

I went in the search for peace, before leaving from home, I intimated my neighbor Barney that I was going out for a day and will return by midnight. I assured him not to get worried. After I arrived at the Joshua tree and parked my vehicle. I followed the lost palm oasis trail on my foot. I walked there for a few hours and took a break to eat. As I looked around, I felt nothing was familiar anymore. Even though I was confident enough to go back to my vehicle, I stumbled. A sense of fear that someone was watching me made me panicked. The very next moment I started hearing strange roar noises, I was not able to figure out from which direction they all were coming from. I didn’t move, I just gave a 360-degree turn. Suddenly, I found something transparent with no definite shape blurred that was coming closer and closer to me. I rapidly turned around and started walking in the opposite direction. I felt the same hardened sense of overwhelming silence, a sense of urgency, and dreadful.

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He realized it was the same warning his mom gave him 6 months ago, in a snapshot, the day turned to night. He hid near a large rock, as big as an SUV, supporting his back. Trying to make himself calm, thinking nothing would sneak from the back, he tried hydrating himself with some snacks that night. Over time, he started hallucinating shadowy entities walking in the desert roaming helter-skelter. Even though his mom asked him never to acknowledge them, he did. He started feeling something breathing near his neck. He shut his eyes closed to ignore all things that are happening around him. He sensed 3 shadowy entities surrounding him, one in front, and two on either side.

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Then once again in a span of seconds, it was morning. He kept experiencing the same way for 2 more days. On the last day, he roamed all around the Joshua tree. He had nothing to eat after the first night, he was scared, hungry, and dehydrated on peaks. He remembered his lecturer saying him that digging up a hole near a huge rock will keep things cool, he did the same. As the dug a hole, he felt he was digging up his own grave. He didn’t have any idea. He just lay down covered his leg and body with dirt and blacked out. Without any knowledge of happening in the whole day and night, the next morning, an off duty officer from search and rescue found me and started choking me to water. He said to me that a lot of people are trying to find me. A helicopter took me to the Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs.

As I was in the hospital undergoing my treatment, 2 detectives visited me, in order to close the missing case that my neighbor reported on the second day of my missing, they asked me some obvious questions like why did I buy hiking gears a day before my trip, isn’t it obvious? A number of psychiatrists attended me and told me that all my experiences were just hallucinations since I was dehydrated. My neighbor Bonnie who was near me at a distance overheard the conversation when I was saying about the story. He confided and told even she had experienced the same shadowy entities or figures when she hiked Joshua tree. After reaching home, Bonnie guided me through age-old rituals to make the daemon go away. But honestly, nothing worked, until in 2014, I moved to Tennessee.

He had a feeling that, among all the experiences he had in past, the experience at the first night at Joshua near the big rock was the scariest by far. He always wondered if his mother had experienced something more that night of New Year’s Eve. He didn’t remember anything or what happened in all those days and nights at Joshua Tree National Park. The moments of snaps where days turned to night, and nights turned days, he felt he was suspended in midair until he got conscious about his surroundings. Even after moving to Tennessee, he had an urge to visit Joshua tree once again. After some time, he did visit, and when he reached, he felt like something or someone had called him there. His sister often says to him that during the first week when he moved to Tennessee, she felt as if a demon was attached to him. He even remembers a morning when he woke up on her couch, his sister sprinkled holy water on him and read verses of holy prayer. He told that after the past experiences, he would believe in alien abductions and portals rather than daemons following him.

Bill concluded his life story that he was 100% honest with all the experiences. He can’t say what it was or why it all happened. But he knew, his life was spared from some reason. It was all unnatural. By his experience, he never went hiking alone ever after. He confessed that he urged to go to Joshua Tree National Park now-and-then and that he is been called there.