Life After Death, Does it Truly Exist?

She still couldn't shake the previous night's dream. Hoping and praying that the dream (if that is what it truly was), would somehow continue into the next night, Sara was eager to go to sleep tonight.

It wasn't but a week before that she had lost her dad to cancer. The family was very close knit and she was one of seven children. It wasn't until her dad retired some 6 years prior, that the kids actually got to know their dad. He became more of a 'family' man and showed more affection and love than Sara had ever known while growing up. Out of the seven children, Sara was more like her dad than the others and they developed a strong bond.

There was a talk show on TV that her mother always watched. One of the guests, who frequented this talk show, was a psychic who claimed to have the ability to communicate with the deceased. She was emphatic in her gift of communicating with the audiences dearly departed. Skeptic as Sara was, the whole idea did draw her interest.

One day Sara's eye was caught on a book written by an unknown psychic, who was writing about her experience with communicating with spirits that had 'crossed over' to the other side. As she began reading this book, she became so involved, so amazed, that she finished reading it in one day. She passed this book on to her sister and then her mother, who were also intrigued in the possibility of the 'here after'. Her dad had seen the book sitting on the end table and he made little comment on the thought of life after death, but it was as if he couldn't fathom the idea or simply did not want to think about it.

The idea of death scares everyone, but the thought of this life not being the 'end' was gratifying and comforting for so many people and especially to those who had lost loved ones.

Growing up, Sara couldn't imagine life without her parents. As the years passed and they grew older, she tried, at times, to picture her father with grey hair. He was of Indian decent and always had this pitch black hair, so to see him with grey hair just wasn't imaginable. Even as he had turned 60 years old, his hair was black as can be.

Her father had smoked for years, trying to quit several times, but never succeeding. That was until he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Little did anyone know that – once diagnosed – his time left on this earth was limited. It didn't matter how much hope the family prayed for, Sara's dad passed away one month since his diagnosis.

As hard as it was to say goodbye, it was also comforting to think that if all that she and her mother had read and heard on the subject of 'life after death', that her father's spirt did live on. It wasn't but a few weeks before her dad's diagnosis that she had read the book and shared it with her mother. Was it meant to be read at that particular time?

After her dad's passing, Sara found herself alone at home one day, and she just screamed and shouted to God and her father… "why?"… "why did you leave me?"… "why couldn't you save him just a while longer?" Overcome with grief, Sara went to bed and fell into a deep sleep.

As she walked into this room, everything was white. There sitting at a table, was her dad, dressed in gold. He looked like she'd never remembered; he was younger and still had his deep black hair. He looked healthy. She began to weep and he said "Hi". He continued by saying, "I'm o.k., tell your mother that I'm o.k. and I will be watching over you all." "Tell her I love her and I love you." At that moment, Sara heard a Loud noise and was awakened from her sleep. "What was that?" she thought. Wait a minute, was that a dream or…

She coulnd't shake the overwhelming peace she'd felt. Was it an actual visit from her dad? Was it what she had just read about before her dad's passing? She tried to go back to sleep to see if the dream would somehow continue. She wanted so bad to see him again. When she had awaken the next morning, she couldn't wait to relay the message she'd received to her mother and the rest of the family. She was now a believer that life does not end here on earth. No one could ever convince her otherwise. While there was deep sadness in losing loved ones and friends, Sara took comfort in knowing that she will see them all again some day.