Is There Life After Death?

All living things has an unstoppable end which still has many arguments from the beginning of the world until now, the bible have stated that the longtime human was able to live more than 800 years old, but now not even more than 100 years old. So aside of that, is there life after death? Many sources define death as the end of one’s life or living organism; it is in every culture around the world, while every culture has their own belief about it. This question took over the 20 century over and over until now, so as we are now in the process of learning some basic acknowledgements about it, then let’s do so.

Many scientists and religions all over the globe has their own belief about the after death life, however many others think that die is the end of a life, so no more life. Religiously, a note from the bible mentioned that after the death of a Christian or someone who knew Jesus as their personal savior, the soul goes directly to God and there will be a better life where all humans will respect each other and live a very significant clean life forever. Talking about the soul goes to God; is there a soul? In 1907 Duncan McDougall a medical doctor from Haverhill, Massachusetts, attempted to find out through an experiment if the soul really exists; he found out that the soul weight 21 grams which means that the soul exist. To me life after death could be being remembered by a love one in his/her heart which is a very safe life and I also believe that it is the death of the body not the soul, because sometime we dream a dead, sometime the dead talk to us, and sometimes the dead save in our hearts for so long. The Egyptians were amongst the first to believe in life after death, the soul is believed to be immortal, and the body goes where it came from which is the universe. As many rumors said that Muslim also has a strong belief in after death, they will live with Allah (God). However, there are atheists who believe that there is no life after death.

Finally, from all that we just went through, the answer of the question is not stable, which means that it is definitely impossible, let’s just put that a part and continuing to live our lives. The only way to find a better answer could be to experience the death, but I would advise you not to do that now life is too beautiful, too many things will be missed.