Is There Alien Life in Our Solar System?



If you thought that the fact that the shuttle missions were cranking down to an abrupt end and the administration was losing any sign of interest in Space

Exploration was getting you down, just wait, there maybe a reason to fire up those rockets and continue the search for life out there in the near cosmos.

Extraterrestrial life in the form of bacteria has been widely believed to exist in the solar system and where there are bacteria, there may be higher life forms.

Scientists including the late Carl Sagan have theorized this and we may now be able to find it.

Many scientists believe that there could be life in and near the stars “Habitable Zone” (meaning roughly the area from a star that liquid water could exist). But higher life forms could have risen up before conditions deteriorated and found a home under the planets surface where the heat caused by the planets pressure would insulate it against any harm from cold or other natural calamities. In fact, life might be quite different under these conditions and may not resemble any on our planet.

Plus there is the possibility that we may have seeded other worlds accidentally, from anything as meteor strikes pushing large amounts of fertile primordial dust into space where our bacteria floated through space to other worlds raining down to mix with their alien counter parts and creating strange new forms of life.

If you do not believe that this is possible, just research the vast amounts of alien rocks that have been showering our planet from the Moon, Mars and beyond.

The question of life is an old one but respected scientists like Steven Hawkings believes it is quite possible that isolated pockets of life may have evolved independently in our own planetary back yard, so to speak.

It is believed that alien life may be widespread and the main targets now considered in the search include: Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Also Titan; an Earth-like moon of Saturn and Europa: a watery frozen moon of Jupiter, are in high contention.

These thoughts are not new but they are tempting to the planetary scientist who are not satisfied with the administrations recent moves to limit space exploration and turn NASA into a more private business, like cargo carrier service.