How to Take Charge of Your Prosperity: the Power of Self-command

To grow prosperity and become more prosperous in your life requires awareness. It involves observation and self-command because prosperity is a fundamental part of your being-ness, just as if it is an arm or leg. Also, prosperity is an ability, like dancing or singing, is. If you locate prosperity within yourself, you can begin to bring it out and use it to create the life you want. Self-command helps you become prosperous because it teaches you to become accountable to how you create prosperity in the first place.

When observing or creating prosperity in your life, you must become accountable to how you add to the prosperity pool in the first place. In using self-command, you learn to accept your greatness and the power of your presence. You must look at how you create prosperity in others lives and breathe that into your conscious awareness first. You must become response-able and know that you create prosperity for others. This helps you become aware of utilizing prosperity for yourself. Let us take a look at how you may add to the prosperity pool.

First, let’s begin by looking at the prosperity quadrants. There are four levels of prosperity, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. So let’s look at the physical first. Have you ever been attracted to someone and thought that they were handsome or beautiful? Did you maybe tell them that you thought they looked good in the outfit they were wearing? Did you let them know you found them attractive in a sincere, uplifting manner? When you express a compliment, and the receiver tells themselves something that feels good, you have added to the prosperity pool.

Second, emotional prosperity, have you made someone laugh before? Have you listened to someone with your open heart? Have you comforted someone who may have been feeling hurt or scared? Have you loved someone and told them that you loved them. Then you have added to the prosperity pool.

Third, mental prosperity, have you ever helped someone solve a problem? Do you share good ideas at work or with friends? Have you saved someone’s life because of your awareness, while driving, stopped an accident from happening? Have your brainstormed a solution or shared a creative idea? Then you have added to the prosperity pool.

Fourth, Spiritual prosperity, have you prayed for someone before? Have you helped someone remember that they are a child of the universe and that their life matters? Have you ever stopped someone from committing suicide? Have you ever forgiven someone? Then you have added to the prosperity pool.

Obe for starters isn’t kid’s play and needs concentrating work to achieve a think of finish rest before you decide to may even begin implementing well-known projection methods. This think of absolute peace is difficult to achieve should you are constantly imagining of anything you are making an attempt to accomplish. As an alternative of imagining concerning the quick long term focus your efforts on getting into a condition of bliss. 1 with the largest errors novices make is inquiring on their own inquiries like “is this it?” or “when is it about to come about?” consciously contemplating about issues as they quite try and venture.

In order to understand how prosperity works, we must understand what we do that helped prosperity become the standard in the first place. You must observe how you deliver prosperity to others and how they deliver it to you. When you love, a husband, wife, partner, child, friend or animal, you create prosperity with them and yourself. Looking at something you love makes all four quadrants of prosperity respond in a prosperous way. The presence of you is prosperity and creates prosperity in someone else’s being-ness all throughout your life.

When you are not feeling so prosperous, it is because you are thinking thoughts that may expose you to feelings that don’t support your feeling prosperous. When this happens, you must ask yourself what it is that you are telling yourself that does not feel so prosperous, because the key to prosperity is, to know that prosperity creates more of something, whether its money, love or physical wellbeing.

The point of prosperity is that you have endless amounts of something. This is all there is; prosperity is the creation of more or endless amounts of something present in that moment. So when you think negative limiting thoughts, you can be prosperous at creating negative limiting thoughts. Prosperity is one of the components in the energy of creation. It makes more of what you are creating at the moment. Your thinking generates what direction prosperity takes. So to create more prosperity, your thinking has to observe the prosperity present at the moment, and you will begin to create prosperity in your life.

When you find yourself possibly having not very prosperous thoughts, remind yourself how you add to the prosperity pool and realize that there is only prosperity. Become aware and watch for how prosperity opens up in your life, when it does, take action and follow it. Then create prosperity for someone with intent and awareness. Practice this, and it will create a more prosperous life in all four quadrants. This is the first step in becoming more prosperous and utilizing self-command.