Haunted Hotel Del Coronado Ghosts: California Hostelry’s Spectral Residents and Paranormal Phenomena

The Haunted Hotel Del Coronado is on Coronado Island by San Diego. The wooden structure, with its Victorian aura, was built in 1888 and named a National Historic Landmark in 1977. USA Today calls The Del one of the leading top ten resorts in the world. It is also haunted. There are two stories of tragic love. Before 1900, two pregnant women committed suicide. Their ghosts are thought to be among the hotel’s haunters.

Del Coronado Haunter – Kate Morgan

Around Thanksgiving 1892, the pregnant woman checked herself into the hotel using the pseudonym, Lottie Anderson Bernard. She spent five nights in room 312, changed to 3312, now 3327, waiting for her errant husband to join her. He never arrived. She committed suicide. Her body and a handgun were found near the steps leading to the beach.

It's said that the pregnant woman's ghost haunts her former room. Each year, the staff leaves an invitation to their Christmas Party for Kate’s spirit. .

Secret Service Agents' Del Coronado Experiences

When President Ford stayed at The Del, one of his Secret Service Agents who was given Kate’s room heard strange noises. In May, 1983 another Secret Service Agent stayed in the room when, then, Vice-President Bush was on an official visit to San Diego.

The agent felt a breeze, saw drapes moving, although the windows were shut, heard gurgling sounds and saw a ghostly glow fill the room. Screens fall off the room’s windows by themselves and people have seen the eerie glow emanating from the vacant room.


Haunted Room 3502 in Hotel Coronado

The former Room 502 was said to have been the clandestine rendezvous for hotel builder and owner E. S. Babcock. His mistress lived in this room. She committed suicide after she found out she was pregnant. Her body disappeared, maybe hidden by someone who wanted to avoid a scandal. Lights flicker in the room and outside of its door. The room also has cold spots.

Hotel Coronado’s Other Ghosts

The ghosts of a young boy and girl have been sighted, running up and down stairs and though corridors. A spectral caretaker haunts the dining room.

A phantasm of a woman, said to be wearing Victorian clothing, glides across a ballroom. People have witnesses the ghostly form of a young woman dressed in black lace. Strange phantom faces have been seen.

Hotel Del Coronado – Popular Getaway Resort

Travel Channel ranked The Del as one the Top 10 California Beach vacation places.It is a favorite hotel for presidents, royalty, celebrities, honeymooners and ghost hunters. Skeptics say the proximity of the Pacific Ocean, most likely, causes moans and murmurs in the rooms, hallways and the stairs in the wooden building and that the chill could be from the ocean’s fog. Parapsychologists, ghost hunters and witnesses believe the phenomena are otherworldly.