Do You Believe in the Paranormal?

Without so much as a thought, I shout at the top of my voice; Yes! I most certainly do believe in ghosts, spirits, ghouls, whatever you'd like to call them. You may be curious as to why some people believe that there are souls who are not at rest, souls who's purpose is to continue on as though death did not exist. Unhappy, or evil spirits hell bent on disturbing your sleep and peaceful existence.

I believe the paranormal exists. I have experienced some freaky occurrences in my lifetime, not to mention the accounts of family members and my children, not to be excluded from the conversation.

Ghosts are real. While their bodies lie in graves or urns, their spirits do continue on. Some might say that people who lived and loved properly, go on to be with their maker. While others might disagree, standing by the notion that all souls wander, forever in limbo.

I believe that those who lived a good life, who were kind to those who were not always kind to them, and those who put themselves above all others, go to be with their maker. Those people who have regrets stay behind, but for reasons we may never know or understand. I also believe that people who while alive, who lived a lifestyle of utter debauchery , also stay behind. Perhaps even those people who lived a life without so much as a glimmer of belief in a supreme being, our maker, also wander aimlessly. After all, where would those souls go?

My personal beliefs are just that, personal opinion. I have seen black misty masses out of the corner of my eye. I have felt a presence in several of the rooms of my home. I have set household items down in one place, only to find them in another. I have seen doors open on their own, with no wind or air movement whatsoever. I have also heard voices coming from the attic of my house as well as heavy footsteps. I have experienced things I cannot explain and have had my experiences validated by family members and my kids, who have stories of their own.Their stories don't differ much with my own. Their stories were told to me long before I had mentioned a single word about what had happened to me. Certainly we don't want to put idea's into their heads, or scare them. I believe ghosts are real and I also believe that only those who believe in the paranormal will experience paranormal activity.

Some of us are born with an ability to discern environmental changes, like the drop in temperature of a room or chills, hairs standing on end. Some of us are able to sense things that aren't there. Some of us are just more in tune with our surroundings. No, we are not medicated, nor have we been diagnosed with a mental disorder. We are just more open to the world around us. Perhaps, if you open your mind, you too will experience what I've experienced.The paranormal world is a fascinating one and today there are so many more mediums in which to research and study. Television programs, magazines, late night radio discussions and a plethora of books to discover. For a paranormal enthusiast, such as myself, there is more information on the paranormal than ever before and not enough hours in the day to research it.