Facts and Fiction about Demons And Possession

People have always feared Demons. When we think of these creatures, we often think of a Devil with horns and fierce evil ability. Some of us are greatly influenced by what we see portrayed on television and in the movies. William Peter Blatty’s 1973 movie The Exorcist left a dramatic and intense impression on the public and created fear among the common folk. The 2005 film The Exorcism Of Emily Rose` which was loosely based on the true story of Anneliese Michel has painted another frightening picture in the minds of the general public. First, let me say that these are just movies. Fictitious stories. Embellished and exaggerated accounts of reality. Sadly, people need to stop watching so much TV and movies and stop believing that what we see in these forms of entertainment are real. The case of Anneliese Michel was never even proven to be a possession. There are several documents by medical professionals that she suffered from a rare form of Epilepsy and mental illness.

Cases like what you see in `The Exorcist` are extremely rare and highly unlikely. In fact, there have only been 6 or 8 such cases ever documented. This form of possession is not impossible, though, but very rare. Secondly, let’s forget about what we have seen on TV and movies and toss out all of our visions of a powerful evil being that dominates its victims, and I’ll explain what real demons are and how they possess people.

I have been searching for a place called Hell for a long time. Of all my research and education from experienced Shamans and gifted individuals, this place of fiery pits and never-ending torture is nowhere to be found. Even more, no one can find a being called Satan either. In the book by Shaman Exorcist John Livingston `Adversaries Walk Among Us, A Guide To The Origin, Nature, And Removal Of Spirits And Demons`, John has found through his Shamanic journeys that Satan is nothing more than an apparition that was created by human thought-form. Thanks to the orthodox religions and churches and their scare tactics, Satan has become the prince of evil and leader of Demons. But he was created in our minds. The truth about Demons is that they are not strong and controlling as most people think, and getting rid of them (Exorcisms) are not a long drawn out battle like portrayed in TV and the movies. Jesus performed exorcisms in a short matter of minutes. I have performed cleansing of Demons myself in only a matter of minutes.

Demons are weak, cowardly parasites like a Leech that attach themselves to our energy body and slowly drain our life force from us over a long period of time. There are no Demons that are stronger than physical living beings like we humans. That’s right, we are much more powerful than they are. What causes these Demons to overpower their victims is the fear we have of them. We give them the power to harm us. They lie in wait when we are at our weakest moments to find a hole in our protective aura to attach to us. They attack when we are most vulnerable when you are sick, lonely, alone, scared, depressed, etc.

Bishop James Long is a well respected Catholic Clergy that specializes in Demons. Bishop Long said “YOU create the environment in which YOU wish to exist. If you give this parasite too much power, then it will GLADLY take that POWER and more. Otherwise, stomp on its ugly corpus and say, begone evil, you have no power here. God is the ULTIMATE supreme being and NOTHING surpasses his power; nothing. Not even cowardly parasites.

Bishop Long is absolutely correct.

Demons are parasites, and we attract them to us by our negative thoughts and behaviours. Over time it will become an infestation much like rats and mice infest a home. You can have more than one attachment, or even several Demons that attach to you. When we become infested is when these entities begin to overpower us.

Signs of Demonic Attachments

Notable mental changes of mood


Fatigue & exhaustion

Erratic behavior

Cursing a lot when it is not this person’s normal behavior

Changes in sleeping patterns. Excessive sleeping or insomnia

Addictions (alcohol, drugs, sexual desire, & other substances)

Increasing form of hatred towards religious articles

Self mutilation

Cruelty to living beings or animals

Becoming threatening or abusive with no or very little reason

Excessive Nightmares and night terrors happening on a regular basis

Frequent blackouts of memory

Sudden changes in voice from low to high or even a growl

Moments of catatonic states staring off into space

Speaking in tongues or other languages that the person could not possibly know

Sudden times of precognition where the person predicts things will happen when they normally know nothing of the subject

Sudden changes in color of eyes or eyes turn black

Over long periods of time (possibly years) a person with attachments will become frequently sick, depressed, and ultimately may resort to suicide or homicide. I know I said that Demons are weak cowards and we humans are much stronger, but the above symptoms are an example of what will happen if these attachments are not removed and continue to drain their host over a long period of time. A victim does not have to have all of the above mentioned symptoms, they may only have some of them. As time goes on untreated, more and more of these signs may begin to show.

Part of Paranormal Research Alliance is to provide counseling in person or over the phone and assist people in finding help for their issues. There are three types of people tell that they may have attachments or be possessed.

1. They really do have attachments,

2. They have mental problems of a psychiatric nature,

3. They just want to gain some sort of notoriety. 

Contrary to what some people think, there is more to an exorcism than meets the eye. It takes cooperation and mental conditioning of the patient. Some people think that the exorcist performs an exorcism and all the victim has to do is sit there and let the exorcist do all the work. This could not be further from the truth. It requires the patients participation as well. Sure an exorcist can remove the attachments, but if the patient does not make conscious changes in their ways of thinking or lifestyle, either the possessing entities will return, or new ones will take their place.

The victim must believe in God, have faith in the exorcist, and that this exorcism will work, do away with negative thinking, and change some lifestyle habits. After an exorcism or cleansing is performed, the victim, Instead of thinking “what’s going to happen next”, needs to visualize their life as being trouble free, healed, think about how great life is now, and how they’re going to grasp the wonderful life of being Demon free. It is equally important to use daily affirmations or prayers to keep yourself balanced. For if the victim does not engage in these practices, the attachments will return and the exorcism/cleansing will have been a waste of time. Our positive thoughts and emotions attract positive energy and our negative thoughts and emotions attract negative energy. Same applies on the spiritual realm. Demons are a product of mankind’s negative side.

Our energy body is much like our physical body. Just like we shower regularly to cleanse the dirt from us, we must cleanse our energy body regularly to remove the dirt in the spiritual realm that attaches to it. Some do this with prayer, meditation, or Pagan style rituals. If you do not take on the responsibility of keeping your body and mind cleansed, you will become contaminated and no form of exorcism of cleansing will help you.

I hope that this clears up a lot of misunderstanding in this field of Demons and possession.