Deja Vu and Similar Phenomena

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Deja vu is a phenomenon that everyone has heard of and many have experienced personally. Deja vu is a French phrase that translates to, “already seen” and anyone who has experienced this will tell you that it’s a strange feeling. This phenomenon of the mind has been studied and studied but no definite answers have been provided for the reason why some people experience this. When a person experiences deja vu, they feel as if they are in a situation or a place that they have already been in even though they know they couldn’t have been. This feeling is usually something they have seen in a dream, but sometimes people really think that they have experienced that event before. Deja vu is a very well known phenomenon, but there are many similar phenomena that are not as widely known, but just as commonly experienced.

Deja vecu
Deja vecu is another French phrase which means, “already experienced.” When people feel as if they are experiencing deja vu, this is most commonly what is happening to them. Deja vecu is when someone feels as if they are at an event which they have previously experienced. What makes this different from simple deja vu, is that a person experiencing deja vecu will often remember very specific details. Deja vecu also has a tendency to make people feel as if they know what is going to happen next in that particular situation, and some people will notice that they are right.

Deja visite
Deja visite translates to, “already visited,” and is not as commonly experienced as deja vu or deja vecu. Deja visite happens when a person is in a new place but feel as if they have been in that specific place before and know about it like they would if they had actually been there before. A person experiencing deja visite knows things such as the layout of the place they are in and can find their way around without an explanation as to where they got that knowledge.

Deja senti
Deja senti means, “already felt.” Deja senti is more of a feeling of a memory rather than an experience. Deja senti is when a person thinks of something and feel as though they have had that thought before or actually have had that thought before but have long forgotten about it. It is like remembering something that you had completely forgotten you even knew about before.

Jamais vu
Jamais vu is French for, “never seen,” and is often described as the opposite of deja vu. Jamais vu often gives people who are experiencing it a very creepy feeling. Jamais vu is when a person is in a situation that they have been in previously and are aware that they have been in before, but don’t feel as if they have. The strange feeling associated with jamais vu comes from the person’s knowledge contradicting what they are feeling.