Cuba – The Mysterious Island

So the government says we can go to Cuba and see what we have been missing. Well before you pack your bikini there are a few mysteries I think you should be alerted to.

Unless you stay at hotels classified by Cuba as a five star hotel, which in reality are three star hotels, you will be sadly disappointed. Also there are few rooms available for a US tourist invasion. In Havana I recommend Hotel Nacional , Hotel Inglaterra, to flavor Cuba. The Copacabana, where you can almost hear those famous words at the piano bar, “Play it again Sam.” The interior of the hotel could easily be a movie set.

Beaches in Cuba are unparalleled in beauty but sand is not a nourishing substance and if you venture out from the resort area food is poor at best and mundane when found. There are privately/ government owned paladares through out the island which are usually in someone’s home, they are government controlled, the food is edible, usually consisting of chicken, rice , beans. Drink soda, beer, bottled water, avoid ice everywhere other than in the resorts.

Renting a car in Cuba is difficult, expensive, with unbelievable red tape. If you rent a car for three days be sure to keep it for exactly the amount of time you rented it for, or you are penalized for an early return.. Never take a train in Cuba. They can be a few hours late to days late. However if time is no object it is an adventure.Another adventure,if you wondered what a sardine feels like in a can by all means take a bus trip in Havana

Things to pack in the order of importance, snack bars, toilet paper, all medication including aspirins, Tylenol, any and all over the counter medications you take, hand sanitizers, soap, female sanitary products, good walking shoes. Any of these items you have left when it is time to leave give to the locals, they need them.

On the sunny side, it is probably the most beautiful island on earth. From the far east coast to the far west coast, Christopher Columbus said it best.” It is the most beautiful sight mans eyes can behold.” So if there is adventure in you soul, go to Cuba and enter the unforgettable time capsule fifty years of pillage created. Photo opportunities abound.

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba’s original capitol, has its own fort, Cathedral, Central Park and staircase roads, calle Pico being the most renowned. On the East Coast don’t miss Vinales, Matahambre (copper mining town), the tobacco fields of Pinar del Rio, or the caves. There are thousands of other grand sites to see in between. People flock to Varadero the most famous of beaches however, Maria la Gorda, La Herradura are a few of the outstanding beaches in Cuba, which are just as beautiful an offer more solitude. Go to Gibara on the East Coast. Try Trinidad where an ancient town comes alive. There’s a lot to experiencing Cuba, only 90 miles away from our shore That sexy fabulous music echoes in my mind.