Confirmation of the Existence of UFOs

Over history there have been countless sightings of unidentified flying objects on ancient walls and writings. Even to this day if you talk about UFOs to the common person they think that you are crazy or something of that nature. They are waiting to hear it first from the press and our government. But the fact of the matter is UFOs do exist and are being reported on a daily basis according to the National UFO Reporting Center, Here you can view reports for many years back and from all over the country. Why is the public and the media not taking this issue seriously.

According to CNN news, the Mexican Air Force has already disclosed legitimate UFO information freely to the public and they challenge other world government to do the same. So why has the United States and other countries not report these strange sightings freely that many people have witnessed? What is the procrastination and delay to tell the people what they have already seen through pictures and their very own video cameras. The public needs to know now so we can better determine on how to move on from this and to better accept the truth. If the government trying to protect traditional religions and past ways of the world.

This hidden agenda will not go on for long I guarantee you. You can view a sample of the revealed UFO story from CNN and the Mexican air Force from this link here

Just viewing the video will explain a lot to the countless skeptics out there that need some kind of proof that these are out there. We as a human race we have indeed been engaged by the extraterrestrial presences from other worlds. Is it new technology that governments have obtained and that also has not been disclosed to us yet? This needs to be spoken about and released to all of our television viewers and radio listeners.

The people are simply losing patience with the disclosure process. So what is the hold up? We have researched so many unusual things on this planet earth and even getting into space travel, so why the cover up? Are there people on earth trying to cover this story for the whole world that is in sync with other governments of the world? The time is now to disclose this to the American public so we can talk about it and see where this takes us all.