Atheists Believing in UFOs

I'm not an atheist but more of an agnostic with a Catholic background, so basically I'm a believer in something "above" but am not sure what.

I have serious doubts that anyone on earth, regardless of religion, beliefs, faith, nationality, background, opinion, or anything like that, knows about our Creator or UFOs. Sure, everyone seems to believe that they know the answers when they really know nothing at all. Everything that we believe is based on opinion without the facts, which I believe we have none to prove anything, yet people try to push their opinions on others as if it is fact.

Man causes wars over gods that they do not know. Man fights over their beliefs and not facts. Man is racist and uses Scripture, written by a man I might add, in order to back up their false racist beliefs.

Be it religion or UFOs, what really is the difference? No one knows our Creator and no one knows aliens, so, in my opinion, no one has a right to say who or who cannot believe in UFOs. I do not see how religion and UFOs correlate exactly with one another. They can beat the same or they can be two different things. My point is that no one knows, so no one should try to push their beliefs about either topic on anyone and no one should act like they are experts on either as well.

Let's say that they are related. I believe that no one has ever met an angel or our Creator, so who's to say that everything that we consider it religion is not actually done by aliens? Since we do not know what angels or God look like or are and we do not know the same about aliens, why can they not be one and the same beings? I do not see how they can be distinguished if they can both do the same things, like create life?

Why can't everything stated in the Bible about God and Heaven really be about aliens on other planets with the powers to create life and do other extraordinary things? Things that might be extraordinary to us might be every day occurrences to aliens. It seems to me that they can be synonymous with one another given the right circumstances.

Then again, aliens might just be beings from another world, just like us if we went to their world. In this case, we might have the same Creator or we might have different creators.

My point is that being atheist, agnostic, or really religious, should have no bearing on our beliefs about religion or UFOs. All we can do is speculate about the facts until we know the truth and I don't know if we ever will.