Are UFOs Real? Thousands of People Have Seen Them

So many articles have been written about UFOs, Some trying to convince you that they exist ,some will even go on about Government cover ups and such. Growing up in Wisconsin,we would here farmers talk on occasion about flying objects in the sky. They didn’t question if the object they witnessed was a real UFO. It was a flying object and it was unidentified.They never pulled out a UFO video to back their story either. So most of us thought they were just teasing us.

Certainly the subject can bring up more questions than answers. But ask your self who really decides if something is real or not? We did witness the UFO ourselves and swore never to talk about it again to avoid ridicule and persecution from our parents, teachers and friends. As the years went by conventional science had failed to explain the so called UFO phenomena. The most advanced society the world has ever known couldn’t answer the simple question with any clarity. I submit to you that we may be looking to the wrong source for answers. Looking to governments for answers doesn’t seem like a good idea. Just looking at past performances that is.

The media still today plays on the fact that most people are unaware of what this UFO thing really might be. Could be that the media is unaware? Some time ago science had discovered proved and identified the 12 different planes of known reality. You may ask what the heck that has to do with UFOs. Hold that thought and continue reading. The church remains pagan-istic in their explanation and views toward much of todays discoveries. To put it simply these different vibrational states co-exist as one and interact overlap.Some may remember a movie called What the Bleep? This gives a fun look at the discovery of multiple planes of existence and how they may be able to inter act. If you want scientific evidence that UFOS exist this may be the closest .

Are UFOs real? This is really a question you must answer for yourself. Or maybe you would life the government and the media to decide for you. Its up to you to decide what is real in your life, no one can ultimately tell you what is real. You can read all the books on UFOS and watch the videos but you will decide if they are real to you.