US Military Jets and Russian cosmonaut Captures UFO


The concept of life beyond Earth is in itself thrilling, and movies like Arrival, Apollo 18, Dark Skies have increased the eagerness to find out the reality, haven’t they? For the longest time, astronomers and space scientists have mentioned the sighting of aliens and unidentified objects, but what renders us curious is where they exist? We have accepted that UFOs exist somewhere in the universe, but how do we get assured of their existence, right?


In 1970 Carl Sagan used the eponymous equation to calculate the potential number of advanced civilizations that could exist in the Milky Way that could contact us using the extraterrestrial equivalent of our modern-day radio –communication technology. He believed that life’s existence on other worlds must be a cosmic inevitability, but his scientific beliefs behind proposing such a theory were questionable.

While Carl was working on his equation, a spacecraft called Pioneer was being prepared by NASA to do the first reconnaissance of the solar system’s most giant planet Jupiter. Still, interestingly the spacecraft sweeping by the Jupiter would send it to another interstellar trajectory making it the first human-designed object to leave the solar system. It struck Carl then that the craft should have a message commemorating Pioneer’s makers- and that is when they decide to include a map in the craft that would point at Earth from time and space. The map will, however, lose its significance with a fraction of 200-250 million years. The Sun and other stars take 200-2500 million years to spin once around the Milky Way. So almost 50 years later, another map with GPS for ages has been sent out to space. It navigates to Earth using pulsars both inside and outside space such that if it did ride beyond the solar system and reached the intelligent space aliens, it will be easy for them to find their way to the Earth.

Post that, some inquisitive astronomers have tried to use the more sophisticated analysis – Bayesian statistics to prove aliens existence. They assumed 2 factors: that life can arise in Earth-like planets from abiotic conditions, and there exist the odds of the emergence of intelligence in such situations. Even considering such unknowns as a possibility and the using the best Bayesian analysis couldn’t prove the existence of aliens or UFO’s because the hard evidence of extraterrestrial life and their intelligence is too thin on the ground.


In November 2004, US Navy pilot commanders David Fravor and Jim Slaight had a strange encounter with a UFO. They were near the San Diego coast of the Pacific ocean. The military had been tracking a weird aircraft for the past two weeks, which was used to make sudden maneuvers. Sometimes it dove ten thousand feet and sometimes hovered above them. When investigated, the commanders had spotted one 40 feet long UFO about 50 feet above the ocean. As Fravor descended to have a clear view of the object, it ascended and then changed its direction suddenly. It accelerated at a never witnessed speed and disappeared in no time.


Another recent story is that on August 19, 2020, a Russian cosmonaut proved the statement mentioned above correct. Ivan Vagner, the cosmonaut who works on ISS, posted notice orbiting UFO’s when he decides to film the aurora over Antarctica. He shared a video where unidentified objects appear and shift from left to right and then disappear after a few seconds. It seemed like one object with several shining lights on the body or many UFO’s lined up in a straight line. It was of the shape of a cigar, and such shaped UFOs have been repeatedly noticed. They are considered to be alien bases from where smaller ships fly.

Well, maybe it’s these queer experiences of certain people on Earth that keep the thrill going. A story goes like this; in 1956, a woman named Elizabeth Klarer was abducted by an astrophysicist named Akon from Meton, a planet in Proxima Centauri, which is at a distance of 4.3 light-years from the Earth. She fell in love with Akon, and they had a child after 4 months. It is said that the birth of aliens happens quicker in comparison to humans. Even though Elizabeth wrote an autobiography named ‘Beyond the Light Barrier,’ her story is one of the strangest ones in ufology. She also had a painting of Akon. However, she could not paint her son’s picture as she didn’t see him for quite long, hence didn’t remember him. She was sent to the Earth four months later for having a heart problem for the magnetic field on the new planet.


There are countless such stories. The more we come across them, the more intrigued we become. The astronomers, cosmonauts, and various other space scientists are giving their earnest effort till the present day. Even though we have, to some extend, believed in the existence of unidentified objects, its whereabouts are still unanswered. Our earthly technology is maybe still not capable of confirming aliens presence, whether inside or outside the solar system. The numerous probable theories have sighted aliens existence, while the evidence to back the theories is scarce. We can hope to invent technology in the near future to clarify our doubts on the authenticity of all these theories and incidents that certain Earth members have experienced. We hope that the facts mentioned above have irked you to know more about this planet’s extraterrestrial life.