About Black Magic Spells and Potions


Proof of this can be found in our daily lives through the movies and TV shows we watch. How many new paranormal shows are on TV that inspire and spark our imaginations? Think of the horror movies right now at the theater that have something to do with black magic, spells or potions. It is the never ending fight between good and evil, and it fuels our devotions.


Black magic, spells and potions are synonymous with witchcraft and voodoo, and likely became popular with the rise of the Celtic religions of old. The Celtic religion flaunted a very naturalistic approach to worshipping their God and Goddess. This idea has carried over into the modern form of the Celtic religion called Wicca or under the more sinister name of witchcraft. As the Celtic religion grew many branches, the use of black magic, spells and potions were introduced as a way for individuals to set the conditions of success in their lives. In voodoo, a West African based religion, the same is true. Unfortunately, both voodoo and Wicca have gotten a bad wrap for the use of black magic, spells and potions. The use of these articles is generally considered blasphemous by mainstream religions.


Black magic, spells and potions are used primarily to change a condition or create a change in a person’s life either for good or ill. These devices can be used to gain a step up over rivals at work, get revenge on an enemy or to make someone fall in love with the caster or creator of the magic.

Who Uses Them

Those who use black magic, spells and potions can be a mixed group of people. Some are folks who may have gotten dealt a bad hand in life. Perhaps they are poor or cannot seem to make headway through education or self-improvement. On the other hand, it could be that life is good for them but are impatient for a certain thing to happen. Maybe they’ve been scorned by someone they love and want revenge on that person. They may want to make that person love them back.


The benefits of black magic, spells and potions are that the caster gains the wanted effect quite rapidly, more so than if they’d tried conventional means. The effects are immediate and noticeable and so more rewarding to the caster of the spell or potion.

Consequences of Use

The consequences of using black magic, spells and potions can be quite disastrous for the user. The use of black magic attracts unwanted attention from the many dark forces that surround us. If you make a mistake in the dark arts, be prepared for some dismal ramifications.

Where You Can Get More Information

There is a great deal of information out there on the use of black magic, spells and potions on the web. It is up to the individual to make smart decisions on who they decide to seek help from. Because it is hard to prove the effects of the dark arts, you must seek help from the resources that seem best for you. Some good resources for general information (that do not claim to sell you anything) are Wikipedia, www.crystal-forest.com or www.wicca.com.

Use these resources to help you gain a general knowledge of the topic. If you decide to delve into the dark arts from there, then do so at your own risk!