A Happy Ending Haunting

Chan Greer is a 25 year old Iraq war veteran that returned home in the spring after being deployed for three years. During his deployment he rented the home out to a couple with a two year old daughter. The child`s parents often reported seeing their daughter talking to an “imaginary friend” in her bedroom. Everyone seemed to dismiss this as just a typical two year old with an active imagination, but when Chan returned from overseas and began living in that home himself, strange events began occuring that began to indicate that he may have other occupants in the house of a non human form.

Chan put his life on the line and made ultimate sacrifices to serve his country, but after returning home he found himself fighting an entirely different battle.

A battle that didn`t involve guns, grenades, or bombs. This was a spiritual battle that involved ghosts and demons. Much like Chan had served his country, it was now time for citizens of this country to fight a battle for him and repay the favor.

The Paranormal Research Alliance took this case and prepared for what would be a three week long battle, and one of the more interesting cases that we`ve been on so far.

Chan lived alone and the bedroom that the two year old girl once occupied became a spare room for storage. This room was not used and the door was often kept closed.

History Of The House

Although the full history of this house is not entirely known, Chan acquired the house through family just a few short years ago. Our inspection of the home seems to indicate that it was possibly built around the 1940`s or 50`s.

An older couple occupied the home at one time and the older man was said to be a chain smoker and died of lung cancer in a room of the home that was the same bedroom the two year old girl was seen talking with the “invisible friend”, and is now used as Chan`s spare room for storage.

Unexplainable Activity In The Home

A Happy Ending Haunting

According to Chan, activity began immediately after moving in the house and included

Knocking & Rapping on walls throughout the house


Whispers & voices

Electrical appliances turning off & on and malfunctioning

Waking up in the morning to find three razor blade like scratches on his neck

Entering the spare storage room & finding it extremely colder than the rest of the home or the 90 degree outside temperatures

Animals refusing to enter the house

A white figure moving out in the front yard caught on surveilance cameras

Objects being knocked over & in different places than they were originally left in

Cigarette odors appearing out of nowhere

As part of our routine investigation procedure, we pondered the possibility that this could be a case of psychokinetic activity, or a spirit attachment that had attached itself to Chan, as opposed to the house. But because of the report of the two year old girl talking to her “invisible friend” and reports that visitors in the home having personal experiences while Chan was not present, we were able to rule this possibility out.

Paranormal Research Alliance Investigates

First of three visits
Thursday, September 23, 2010

Investigation Time
7:00 pm to 3:00 am

Moon Phase; Waxing 94%

Weather conditions

Wind 0-10 mph

Humidity 90%

Outdoor Temperature 77 degrees
Indoor Temperature 84 degrees

Geomagnetic Activity; Calm
Solar Activity; Quiet

Investigators Present

Dan Carl

Erica Henson

Blair Jett

Tracy Longenfeld

Our team arrived at the home shortly before 7 pm to meet with Chan. He then took us on a tour of the inside and outside of the residence. We set up infrared night vision video cameras and audio recorders and took electromagnetic field base readings around the home. Other than a strong EMF reading around the refrigerator in the kitchen, all base readings were in the normal range below 1 mg.

Due to the reports suggesting that a fair amount of activity seemed to center in the spare storage room and the fact that spirits & entities seem to base their occupation in parts of buildings that have little or no traffic,  we kept audio, video, & EMF equipment running in that part of the home the entire night. The EMF detector was set to sound an audible alarm if there should be any spikes. We kept the door to this room closed off at all times except when it was necessary to go in or out or conduct EVP (electronic voice phenomena) sessions in that room.

We listened to audio recordings that Chan had recorded prior to our visit where he would leave the recorder running at night in the kitchen while he slept in his bedroom. In these recordings we could hear footsteps, the sound of kitchen cabinet doors opening & closing, and what sounded like either a growl or someone clearing their throat. These sounds were also accompanied by the sound of either the air conditioner in the kitchen bogging down, or as though someone (or something) had walked between the audio recorder and the air conditioner.

We started the video and audio equipment in the spare room at 7:30 pm and during the set up witnessed orb activity in the camera view finder, but did not jump to conclusions right away because orb activity can often be associated with dust. At 7:46 pm while we were in another part of the house, Investigator Erica Henson reported hearing the EMF meter alarm sounding in the spare room. Although no one else heard it that time, Investigators Dan Carl and Blair Jett both reported hearing the alarm at 7:51 pm. Rather than running in to the room to investigate, Blair decided to stay out of the room since the audio and video equipment was rolling.

Approximately five minutes later Blair & Dan went to that room, closed themselves off in the room in total darkness and conducted an EVP session for about 20 minutes. At one point during that session Blair & Danny both thought they heard a disembodied voice, but during later examination of the evidence no voice was picked up by the equipment. Also during the examination of both audio and video, the EMF alarm that was heard in the spare room could not be found in neither the audio nor video. All three investigators are positive that they heard it, but we are at a complete loss in trying to explain why the alarm did not show up in the evidence.

But what we did find interesting is that we did catch an EVP in that room that is estimated to have occurred 17 minutes into the recording that would put it sometime between the two times that our investigators heard the EVP alarm. The voice simply whispered “Hi”.

Turn your volume up & listen

Dan (left) and Blair (right) conducting EVP in the spare room

At approximately 8:30 pm we conducted another EVP session in the living room with the homeowner and all four investigators present. We also kept an audio recorder running in the spare bedroom and placed a video camera and audio recorder in Chan`s bedroom with the door closed and lights out.

Our session in the living room did not reveal any results, but when we inspected Chan`s bedroom about an hour later, we found his wristwatch laying in the middle of the bedroom floor. This watch was sitting on his dresser when we closed off the room. Video from that room revealed odd orb activity that is not consistent with dust nor insects and an unidentified sound that was similar to a jackhammer or possibly a dragging sound.

Whatever (if any) was in this home seemed as though it was not willing to reveal itself to our investigators. The only activity we were capturing was in locations where no one was present. So at shortly after 9:40 pm we had the home owner conduct a session alone in the living room while all four PRA team members left the home and sat quietly in the front yard. We left a two way radio with Chan so he could call us in the event that there was any activity. About 6 minutes into the session, Chan called us to report that he had heard a knock on the wall. When the session ended later, this knock was also picked up on our equipment.

Although we did believe that there was a ghost in the house, some of the activity seemed to be suggesting that there was something malevolent or possibly even demonic in the residence as well. Cigarette odors and the three razor blade like scratches on Chan`s neck can be attributed to demonic activity. The three scratches are often consistent with demons in mocking Christian beliefs, the sign of the Trinity. Demonic forces are also known to give subtle signs that they are there, but often will shy away from showing too much activity for fear of detection that will provoke it`s victims into taking actions to get rid of them. As time progresses these demons will increase their activity to the point of attacks and even driving their victims into illness and death.

Since the activity seemed shy, we decided to send two women into the house alone and try to provoke the ghosts/demons into showing us they were there. We sent Investigators Erica and Tracy into the home with audio and video rolling. This session lasted an hour and was not yielding any results until Erica & Tracy began calling it a coward. Then several knocks were heard on the walls of the home and after examining the evidence later we found two disembodied voices that began speaking after being accused of being a coward. These voices showed up on both the audio and video. On the video it sounded like a rough gravely voice, and on the audio recorders they were more of a soft whisper. We have run these voices through audio enhancement equipment, but to this day we are still unable to understand exactly what the voices are saying. At this time Erica also reported a sudden feeling of nausea, which is also a common sign of demonic activity. It wasn`t until after leaving the residence the following morning that this feeling began to dissipate.

Investigator Erica Henson provoking the “coward” to show itself

Evidence Captured

Below is some of the evidence we captured during the first night of investigation.

Although we had literally hours of orb activity caught on video, the first 7 minutes of this video is just a sample of the orb activity we caught in the spare room. Some might argue that this is just dust particles floating around the room, and that is definitely a possibility with some of them, but some of the orb activity is not consistent with dust. Dust will always float in a downward direction unless it has air circulation to cause it to move up or sideways. The spare room windows are painted shut and the door was kept closed. Many of the orbs are seen floating upwards, sideways, and even appearing & disappearing right in front of the camera and this activity continued 20 & 30 minutes after we had left the room & closed the door.

Then you`ll see a segment in which Erica & Tracy capture Electronic Voice Phenomena after provoking it. Turn your volume up, or to hear the voices even better, we suggest using headphones.

In the below video you will hear the knock from the session where Chan was in the living room alone. Although the knock does not sound loud on this video, it came across much louder on our audio recorders.

Dan (left) Erica (center) & Tracy (right) taking a break in the front yard while homeowner Chan is in the house alone

We split into teams and conducted a series of other sessions in the home throughout the night. Some of the reports that Chan had told us of included how female friends in the past were afraid to visit anymore as it seemed that whatever was in the home liked to concentrate the majority of the activity directed at members of the female gender.

One session included Chan & Investigator Tracy Longenfeld in his bedroom in which some unusual orb activity occurred and at one point Tracy & Chan both thought they felt his bed move while sitting still. Although our infrared video camera did not pick up any motion of the bed, it was easy to tell that neither of them were moving at the time they felt the movement.

Towards the end of the night Investigator Erica Henson even closed herself up in the spare room alone in the dark to conduct an EVP session. That session yielded no results. At the end of the night shortly before 3:00 am, Blair Jett conducted a house clearing in the living room to assist the ghost(s) to move on to the heavenly realm. At the very end of the session Chan reported hearing the voices of what sounded like a male and female engaged in an argument in the kitchen. The female voice sounded friendly & caring, but the male voice sounded irate. At the very same time Investigators Tracy & Erica reported seeing shadow movement also coming from the kitchen.

We then concluded the investigation by 3:00 am, packed up our equipment, and left by 4:00 am. The next morning our Investigator Tracy discovered bruises & scratches on her left arm & hand that she was at a loss to explain. We were then contacted the following day as well by the Homeowner. Chan reported that the activity was still continuing. Hours after we left that night, Chan went to bed and left an audio recorder running in the kitchen. The next day after waking up, Chan found his microwave oven flashing 12:00 much like there was a power interruption. He then played back the recorder and we could hear the sound of movement, cupboard doors opening and closing and the sound of the microwave beeping.

A few days later on Tuesday September 28th at 11:37 pm Chan`s video surveillance system that he has outside of the home caught an unusual photo on his front porch. This photo shows his screen door open and what appears to be an ecto like mist.

Later on a gruesome discovery was made in this photo, but we`ll go into more detail about this a little later.

Paranormal Research Alliance Return Visit

Friday, October 2, 2010
Session Time; 11:15 pm to 2:00am

All four PRA team members returned to the residence the following week. The previous week we had performed a clearing to help ghost(s) move on, but we had managed to uncover some evidence that strongly suggested that there might be something of a demonic nature plaguing this residence.

The cigarette odors, razor blade like cuts on Chan`s neck, Erica becoming nauseated, and Tracy discovering bruises & scratches on her arm, are indications consistent with demonic activity. So this time we went in and conducted a cleansing procedure to exorcize demons from the home. We were sure that this would bring an end to the activity for good.

We arrived at the home shortly after 11:00 pm and met with Chan and his girlfriend Tonya Carter whom he had began seeing.

Tonya Carter

We spent some time counseling with Chan & Tonya and then Blair Jett conducted the procedure to remove demons from the house.

Blair & Dan preparing for the clearing                       Blair conducting clearing

Blair (left) Tonya & Chan on couch                     Blair in the spare room conducting clearing

We concluded the clearing around 2:00 am and left. Chan & Tonya then went to bed, but Tonya was awakened hours later to the feeling of something grabbing her by the leg & pulling on her. The following morning Tonya discovered a bruise on her leg resembling a hand print. This bruise was exactly where Tonya had felt something pulling on her leg.

Bruise on Tonya`s Leg

Chan contacted us again a couple days later to report the incident on Tonya`s leg, but that wasn`t all. He also informed us that he went to the spare bedroom one evening around 7:00 pm, when he opened the door he was shocked to see an apparition in the room staring him in the face. This apparition was within about a foot or two from him. As a natural reaction he stepped back and took a swing at it and it disappeared. He described it as being visible from the chest up and it`s face was a hideous chewed up looking face of death.

Upon closer examination of the original image caught on his yard surveillance camera (mentioned above), two ghastly looking facial type images were detected.

If you look directly behind the little magnifying glass from the DVR screen you will see what appears to be a frightening face visible from the chest upward. Chan informed us that this chest & face is exactly what he saw staring him in the face in the spare bedroom. We also spotted another evil looking face just to the right of that below the `5d` on the DVR screen.

At first we wondered if this second face could be a bush out in the yard, but after examining photos taken of the outside of the house, there are no bushes in that area.

Face behind magnifying glass          Face next to pole

At this point we were puzzled. Both of the clearings that we performed to remove the ghost(s) and demons are tried, tested, and true. Blair Jett learned these techniques from John Livingston. John is a clinical counselor, Past Life Regressionist, Shaman Healer, and Exorcist. Blair has referred many people to John since their professional relationship began in late 2006 and in every case these techniques have always worked.

So why didn`t they seem to work this time when Blair used them? Did we do something incorrectly? We were absolutely stumped! Blair then contacted John to ask for advice. Shaman`s have the ability to travel to different locations and realms in what some might describe as a trance like state, so John did just that and took a look at the situation.

Below is John`s assessment of the situation

The spiritual paranormal situation you have encountered at the house in Vinemont is complex and threatening, yet “typical” for an older house with some history of dark and/or evil events. Present demonic conditions are attempting to maintain control of this dark house by terrorizing new residents. This is similar to poltergeist activity, and in fact may have been copied by the dark forces after the actions of poltergeists due to the fear caused in people by things/stuff crashing off walls, footsteps, etc.

During the early dark history of the house, the information that I get is that someone did something more evil than peddle drugs; maybe some young boy was lured into the house and abused – something of that nature. The dark event—whatever it was–allowed the formation of a “dark portal” in the house by the dark forces (to connect with their home in 4-D). A “cloaked” shape-shifting demon was set as a guard of the dark portal (one is always there). Its task is to keep people, especially lightworkers, away from interfering with the operation of the portal. It has the ability to leave the dark portal to pursue and even hurt or harm those that seem to interfere with the dark portal (their light energy dims the darkness of the portal making it less effective, or something of that nature.). Harm in the vicinity of the portal that I know of includes scratches, bumps, shoves, knocking down of people. Sometimes the person is pursued and a variety of torment occurs (fires starting around them!). The portal is used as a means of shuttling dark energy and demons into this world by the dark forces, and for shuttling other energy back.

The house collects later paranormal history. When the old man died, his soul stayed attached with the house. Also, he had two demons attached to his energy body, a “giant demon” and a cloaked “shape-shifting demon.” When he died they were released and “ordered” to remain with the house. The old man’s soul conducted some poltergeist activity when others rented the house. This is who the young girl was talking with. Apparently you cleared his soul from the house and sent it to the Light with your work. Also, you cleared the giant demon from the house but your work with the script did not touch the cloaked ssd, or the dark portal, or the guardian ssd. Additionally, the dark forces sent a new demon, a “fallen angel demon,” to replace the one cleared by you.

The “hand print on thigh” of owner’s girlfriend was caused by the free-ranging cloaked shape-shifting demon (ssd) in the house, acting in the form of incubus (male sex demon), to terrorize her enough to pull her “life force” (an energy body) from her body. As it is the energy body slightly larger than the physical body, and what we think of as the aura, prints remained on the physical body from the struggle. The intent of the demon is to get this family to leave the house so it can be returned to dark uses.

The veteran’s emotional body is much more stressed and traumatized that he lets on, or maybe knows. That chaotic energy is energizing the demons as they feed on it and grow stronger. It would be to his benefit to seek help from one who could help him heal his “pain body” of the wartime trauma.

So, at the present moment, the house includes:
1. cloaked shape-shifting demon
2. fallen angel demon
3. dark portal and guardian cloaked shape-shifting demon

Clearly as you can see by John`s assessment, the clearings that Blair performed in the two previous sessions did help the soul of the deceased man (that died in the house) to cross over into the heavenly realm, and the second clearing did remove all of the demons except for the guardian that was protecting the portal. But what we didn`t know before was that there was a dark portal in the home that was allowing new demons to take the place of the old ones.

John instructed Blair on how to destroy the remaining demons & close the portal.

Paranormal Research Alliance Returns Again

Third & final session

Friday, October 8, 2010

Session Time; 9:45 pm to 11:15 pm

Now that we had a full understanding of what was taking place in the home, we returned once again armed with the guidance that John Livingston had provided. After a counseling session with Chan, Blair then went to work to remove the demons and close the portal. All of our research on this case indicated that the spare bedroom was the center of the activity, so Blair began by closing the portal in the room and then made a sweep of the entire house. After that a cleansing was performed on Chan and Tonya, followed by all four PRA team members. Not only did Investigators Erica & Tracy appear to possibly have attachments from this investigation, but Blair also began experiencing depression, confusion, frustration, and anger.

We are happy to announce that this final clearing was a success. This story was published on this site three weeks later & to date Chan reports that all paranormal activity in his home has completely stopped.

Of all the paranormal stories that occur in this world, we are proud to say that Chan is now enjoying his home in peace and this is one haunting with a happy ending.