911 and Conspiracy Theories

I believe that there powerful spiritual forces of darkness at work in the world. I believe these forces constantly try to manipulate governments and people. The vast majority of the time people are oblivious to these dark forces manipulations, but not always.

With this in mind, I do believe in some conspiracy theories. On many levels they make sense to me. But I challenge myself to really step back and look at each theory. What is the evidence? Is there enough evidence to prove that something nefarious went down? Or is there enough evidence that point to the possibility that something went down, but not enough to say so conclusively? Or is a given conspiracy theory just junk?

Without getting into specifics, for the first 8 years after 9/11 I discounted conspiracy theories about 9/11 being some sort of inside job just out of hand. And to be honest I’m glad I did. Over this last year I’ve been a little more open to the conspiracy claims about 9/11, and I’ve started to look into some of them. Many evidences of a 9/11 conspiracy are presented very compellingly, but upon looking deeper all the evidences I’ve seen so far evaporate into well meaning people pushing a theory that either do not have all the facts or have only a partial understanding of the science involved. So I remain very skeptical. I am still open though, as I try to be to most things, and will keep listening and looking, but I will proceed so cautiously.

I think the true conspiracy at work is 9/11 provided an excuse to invade Iran and start the neo-con roll up of the Middle East. I hate to admit it but I was initially all for this. This effort was very unrealistic and executed poorly, and now leaves America spread thin and vulnerable while Iran gains in influence. Not a good combo for the middle east at all.

With that being said, a few comments. One, there is evidence that intelligence traffic came in (especially from the Phoenix FBI agent raising red flags about Middle Eastern pilots being trained to fly but not asking to be trained to land) warning of an impending attack. If any sort of inside job theory has any credibility, it would be here. That some people knew something, but held back. To be honest I absolutely do not believe that happened, but I will leave it open as a possibility. I think a better explanation is just America’s disorganized approach to compartmentalization and intelligence gathering, especially after 8 years of Clinton Administration draw down. Something was heard, but the message was most likely lost in the shuffle.

I would also like to point out an obvious point to those in government and media who really do try to do their jobs as they should and be servants of the people, we don’t trust you. This should concern you as you need our trust to do your job and for our republic to operate as it should. You need to purge your professions if you want to remain effective information providers and government servants. Such a large portion of the population being so apt to believe conspiracy theories so readily should scare you. It does me, and I believe in many conspiracies.

Lastly, I’m very concerned at how much of the 9/11 conspiracy theories have an “evil Israeli” tie in. I’m seeing anti-Semitic post all over Twitter and the internet now, and I’m concerned. Firstly, Israel is no boy scout. The Israeli’s do what they need to do to survive, and will continue to do so. Yet I’m frustrated that so many pay so much attention to the slightest Israeli sins will over looking a mountain of civil rights abuses, fascist governments, illegal weapon trafficking, terrorist, etc… sins committed routinely by Israel’s foes. If you are concerned about the Middle East fine, but apply your self righteous standards evenly. Many don’t, and the forces in the islam fascist world play into some of the progressive heart bleeders to further the killing of innocent people and to keep their own people in bondage. I don’t like it.

Rant over. In my perfect world after 9/11 we (the US) would have had congress declare war on radical elements of islam, and we would have pursued those elements where ever in the globe they were and eliminated them. Here it is nine years later, trillions of dollars, and thousands of American soldiers killed or wounded, and we can’t even define the enemy yet. Maybe a conspiracy lies there…while destroying the American economy from within by outsourcing it out, you destroy the American military by exhausting its resources in multiple half wars so that when it comes time to replenish the super power’s military the economy can no longer support it and America shrinks from a global superpower to a regional power.

I put a lot of stock in this conspiracy.